Pump House Recreation Area offers campsites with amenities, fishing access, and boat ramps to the general public.  For the wade fisherman Pumphouse holds miles of river both downstream, and upstream of the parking area.  Downstream of the parking area the Colorado River winds through a large meadow, featuring braids, riffles, and undercut banks.  Hiking upstream of the parking area will gradually lead the angler into the mighty Gore Canyon, which contains breathtaking spires, powerful rapids, and some first class trout fishing. 

For the float fisherman Pumphouse is the first viable put in for angling on the Upper Colorado.  Below Pumphouse there are miles upon miles of fishable river to be floated, and numerous boat ramps for loading and unloading.

The Colorado River in this area has very healthy and diverse aquatic insect life.  Prominent hatches include Giant Golden Stoneflies, Salmonflies, Yellow Sallies, Skwala Stoneflies, PMDs, Red Quills, Baetis, Tricos, and midges.  This diverse bug life provides the angler with both nymph, and dry fly fishing opportunities.  Streamer fishing can also be a productive technique here, as the Colorado contains baitfish such as sculpin, whitefish, and juvenile trout.



Current Conditions:



River Flow: 

1300 cfs. Flows have spiked over the last week and runoff is starting.

Water Temperature:

Mid 50s. 

Water Clarity:

Water clarity has been getting worse with runoff starting. Less than a foot of clarity.

Current Food Sources:  

 stonefly nymphs (Salmonfly, golden, skwala, and Yellow Sally) | baetis | midges | small fish, leeches, worms, etc. | 


Flies to Try:


Guides Choice Dozen $24.99



Tungsten Psycho May 18-20 | TDJ Drowned Trico 18-20 | black, olive, or coffee Pat's Rubber Legs size 8 - 12 | Mercer's poxyback Micro stone dark size 14-18 | TDJ Golden Stone size size 14-18  | Tungsten Flashback Pheasant Tail or Hare's Ear size 14-18 | Schmidt's Yellow Sally size 14-18 | Chronic Caddis Tan or olive 14-16 | Sparkle wing RS2 grey or olive size 18-22 | Zebra midge black, or olive 18-22 | Chocolate Foam Wing size 18-22 |  



Parachute Adam's size 12-22 | Elk Hair Caddis size 12-18, olive, brown, or yellow | Extended Body PMD #16 | Reed's Rogue Chubby 6-10 | Parachute Extended Body BWO size 16-22 | CDC Baetis Dun size 18-22 | Morgan's CDC Midge 20-24 | Snowshoe Midge size 18-22 |


Baby Gonga in Brown Trout colors | Barely legal white/olive or grey/white | Sparkle Minnow sculpin, white, brownie, or craw | Home Invader tan or white | White Wooly Buggers size 8 - 12 | Articulated Goldie Slump Buster olive/black, olive, and natural size 2-6 | Leeches in wine or black


guide tip of the week:

 The water clarity has become much worse, less than a foot. Water temperatures have increased and we have found more fish pushing into the shallow water. Worms, stoneflies, small baetis and midges have been the ticket. Pink San Juan Worm has been one of our hot flies during runoff. The Salmonflies have also started their migration to the banks. Fishing a large Pat's Rubber Leg has been putting some fish in the net.  

And Recent media:

We love seeing and hearing about your outings as well. Send any fishing photos or stories  you want to share over to jacob@fishcolorado.com and we'll throw 'em up in the reports.


Guide Tim Joyce, and his clients had a day of it on the Colorado River below Pumphouse....


Fish were in the Net...

(water quality/clarity is looking quite nice in these pictures)


Bugs were in the bush (and the water)...


And birds were in the tree... 


Recent History:

We love seeing and hearing about your outings as well. Send any fishing photos or stories  you want to share over to jacob@fishcolorado.com and we'll throw 'em up in the reports.

Blasting off into guides day off...


This stellar speciman of a brown trout took a size 20 olive Physco May...




Midges are on the Menu in the Colorado River...If you have ever wondered why trout each such tiny insects it is because they are often available in very large numbers.


Late September....


A few of the shop guys took a day off to float a couple miles on the Colorado.... size 18-20 bead head baetis imitations caught the most fish this day....










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