The Roaring fork is a true "freestone" stream from its headwaters along Independence, to its confluence with the Colorado River near Glenwood Springs, CO.  The upper stretches of The Roaring Fork are tight with a steep gradient, offering pocket water fishing for Brook and Rainbow Trout.  Between the towns of Basalt and Glenwood Springs the Roaring Fork is wider with less gradient, which produces great trout holding water. Access is avaible in this stretch for both the wade, and float fisherman. 


Current Conditions:


River Flow:

Flows are still gradually rising here, and currently we are looking at just over 1900 CFS of water near Glenwood Springs.


Water Temperature: 

mid 50's through low 60's 


Water Clarity:

1'- 3' feet depending on section of river, and weather.  Clarity is improving rapidly as runoff comes to a close.


Current Food Sources:

golden stonefly nymphs/adults | caddis | Baetis | midges | leeches, small fish, worms, etc. |


Flies to Try:


Guides Choice Dozen $24.99



 TDJ Golden Stone size 8-16  | Egan's Jig Frenchie size 14 - 16 | Tungsten CDC Hare's Ear size 12-18 | Flashback o | JuJu Baetis red or purple size 18-22 | UV Midge black 18-22 | Sparkle Wing RS2 black size 18-22 |



| Purple Parachute Adams (Purple Haze) size 14-16 | Missing Link Caddis size 14-16 | Pearl and Elk Caddis size 18 | Parachute Extended Body BWO size 16-22 | CDC Morgan’s Midge size 18-22 |



  Sparkle Minnow in Olive/white or Brown/Yllw | Articulated Goldie | Galloup's Dungeon black or white | Chou’s Fortune Cookie white size 4 | Kyle’s Super Yummy yellow size 4 | 


guide tip of the week:

The Roaring Fork is a great summer time fishery, but keep an eye on river flow gauges as periods of warmer weather will create poor water clarity at the lower sections. Flows look like they are stabalizing on the Roaring Fork. Upper sections of river will see better fishing conditions throughout summer. A heavier nymph rig will be useful in high and off color water. Weighted stonefly or caddis larva imitations could be used as a point/anchor fly, trailed by smaller patterns immitating Baetis, midges, smaller caddis pupa, eggs and worms.  Also keep streamers in mind as well at this time of year, slapping the banks from a boat can be quite nice on some days.  Dry fly fishing can also be superb here if the water has about 2' foot of clarity or better. Water clarity up high is still better than usual so you may have to run smaller bugs than usual. Think 16-20 in Sparkle Wing RS2's and other baetis patterns.


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