wading Academy

 May 6th - may 9th, 2021 

september 3rd - september 6th, 2021

Cost: $1,700 per person

Includes: 4 days of 2:1 instructor ratio, 1 day of private water, lunch each day, and use of all equipment 



Are you interested in the journey that is fly fishing?  Do you want to learn techniques that have taken our guides years to master?

The Cutthroat Wading Academy will give you all the skills necessary to start an adventure that will last a lifetime. This course will put a minimum of 25 years of trout catching experience at your disposal during all four days of instruction. The science and physics of fly fishing can seem overwhelming. Let our instructors provide you with a solid foundation in all aspects of angling with a fly rod. You'll leave confident that you can catch fish in all sorts of river scenarios. 

Our wade fishing academy is an in-depth and thorough course, covering all the skills required to stalk, locate, and catch trout. Each day will include diverse opportunities, including 1 day at a private ranch in South Park. We'll also learn the science behind trout and their feeding behavior. There's not always a trout in every spot, but learning to identify prime trout lies will help you find the ones with fish in them and spend more time in "fishy" water.



Academy Goals

After successful completion of our wade school, you will have the skills and knowledge to:


Purchase equipment  

Setup rods and reels for specific fishing situations

  Tie the correct knots for rigging 

Cast with accuracy and fish with conviction   

Identify different trout species  

 Identify and imitate trout food sources  

Wade with confidence 

 Sight fish trout    

Safely return the trout to the water unharmed 




Topics Covered


Rods and Reels   Explanation & Demonstration of Accessories and Tools      Walk & Wade Techniques and Safety    

Knots & Tackle     Entomology & Fly Selection Fundamentals of Reading Trout Water     Casting techniques     

Fly presentation      Rigging for Different Situations     Fighting, Landing, & Releasing Trout    



Students need to have a valid fishing license. Students will receive a 15% discount on retail items during the course. 

For more info about our school, give us a call at 970-262-2878 or drop us an email at reed@fishcolorado.com.