IMG_9432.JPGRule one is have fun! Whether you’re a beginner still self-conscious of tangles or an old pro who just needs knots and nets, Charlie is there to help and show you a great time. His relaxed teaching style and calm personality make him an excellent choice for all skill levels.    

Charlie was raised in Webster Groves Missouri west of St. Louis. GO RED BIRDS!! At a very young age he was drawn to Nature and the beauty of Missouri’s forests, rivers and lakes. Both of Charlie’s grandfathers can be blamed for his initial addiction to fishing, but it wasn’t until moving to Fairplay, Colorado in the mid 90’s, that he received his formal education in Dry Fly Fishing from his father. Armed with his first fly rod at 14, fishing light dries in the high winds of Park County soon became a common pastime, and the spinning rod was left to gather dust.

After attending college in Durango, Charlie moved back to Summit County where he started work as a Dog Sledding Guide during the winters. It was here that he discovered he had a knack for teaching and working with people. This soon transcended into Fly Fish Guiding when he combined his passion of fishing and his ability to teach by joining the Cutthroat Angler crew in 2009. During Charlie’s time with Cutthroat he has created many popular flies including the TDJ Golden, TDJ Oprah, and the Chronic Caddis. 


Quick Facts:

Name: Charlie Schmidt, 37, Cardinals Fan for Life!

Nickname: Touch Down Jesus “TDJ”

Favorite River: Too many to pick just one!

Favorite Fly: The one that works! Or a Rainbow Gonga

Favorite Fly to Tie: The newest creation!

Most Used Rod/Reel/Line: G-Loomis Stream Dance 6wt/Ross Evolution/ Rio Gold WF6W

Boat: WF Clackacraft “The Office”

Gear: Simms or Patagonia

Beverage: AM Coffee, water all day, or cold beer

Destinations Spanked by a Fly Rod in order most to least: Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Bahamas, and Wyoming, Vermont, Mexico, New Mexico.

Favorite Guide Story: Went fishing below Green Mountain, noticed some “experts” preparing to slide their Hog Island Dory with a raft stacked on top, down the steep hill with a very thin rope. I immediately offered advice and a larger rope, however I was denied with a stern “We got it Bro”. I said, “Are you sure?” but was rudely cut off with more slang ending in “Bro”. So I simply retreated down hill to get a better view of the show. Rope snapped fairly quick in the process and both boats slid down the hill at high speed directly into a pine tree. I couldn’t help but giggle. After some time we saw the boat being poorly maneuvered down river with a pine branch still lodged in the anchor mount. Thank you however you are. I laughed my a** off for daysIMG_1357.jpg.