mitch-1.jpgWe think Mitch started guiding in Summit County before history was recorded on paper. We’ve followed the verbal tradition, and it seems his story is mixed with heroic feats, damsels in distress, vile monsters, and big fish. Legend says that Mitch may be the predecessor to Poseidon or the lost captain of The Flying Dutchman. Mitch’s exploits may have first appeared in Izaak Walton’s Complete Angler – a book first published in 1652 that contains the first known detailed text about fly fishing. While we cannot vouch for the fairy tale components of his past, we do know that Mitch has the local waters flowing through his veins.
Mitch fills his free time remodeling his house and playing in local hockey leagues. We cannot confidently vouch for his handyman skills; however, his sneaky slap shot and wiry strength make him a feared foe throughout the county. While he may not be the next Bob Vila or Peter Forsberg, we are confident he can improve the fly fishing skills of any angler.
Mitch is known for his exceptional local fishing knowledge. At times, you will swear he is fluent in fish-jargon – a specialized vocabulary unique to his biorhythms and natural instincts of the trout. Couple that with a great personality and you will quickly understand why many of his repeat clients have tried to steal Mitch as their full-time, personal guide. The legend grows!


Quick Facts:

  • Mitch-2.jpgOriginally From: Iowa City, IA
  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: It's a moving target. In a boat, floating down a river
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Anywhere I can hear the sound of moving water
  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: G.Loomis 9' 6-weight GLX Classic, Lamson Lightspeed #3, Rio Grand WF6F
  • Movie Quote: "There's no normal life, Wyatt. it's just life. Get on with it."– Val Kilmer in Tombstone
  • Destinations Fished: The Rockies (mostly Colorado, Idaho and Montana), Ireland, the Kvichak, the Naknek and the Alagnak in Alaska, the Bow River near Calgary, Turneffe Flats in Belize, Guanaja in Honduras, Dean River BC, White River in Arkansas, Louisiana (near Paris), various small streams in Minnesota and Wisconsin