April Fishing Outlook


Fishing outlook for april

Published by: Harlan Kimball 

It would be an understatement to say we're excited for pre-runoff fishing conditions. April brings tons of life back into our previously frozen river systems and that means hungry trout and bigger bugs. Expect to see large fluctuations in flows depending on weather conditions. Runoff will begin at lower elevations in early spring and slowly move up in elevation over the next couple of months. 



Overall, we are expecting a warm April but there's always a chance for snow storms over the next month or two. Take advantage of the warmer days and early season fishing as it seems to be heating up, specifically on our freestones. The Eagle and Colorado River are open and fishing well right now. The fish are gorging themselves after a long winter, getting healthy servings of stoneflies, worms, baetis, and midges. We will still see trout holding in their usual winter lies, but expect to see some warming water temperatures in the next week or two that will cause fish to move up into some of the faster riffles and pocket water. 

Freestone Flies for April:  
Olive or Black Pat's Rubber Legs #8-12 
Brown or Red San Juan Worm  #12 
Jigged Two Bit Hooker Dark Olive #14-16
Tungsten Psycho May #18 
Red/Black Tungsten Zebra Midge #18 


In terms of tailwater fishing, the Middle Blue River above Green Mountain Reservoir has been treating us very well the last few weeks. With a quick river seine we found an abundance of drake nymphs, cranefly larva, small stoneflies, and your usual baetis and midges. Hare's Ears, TDJ Golden Stones, Two Bit Hookers, egg patterns, Zebra midges and RS2's are all productive patterns this time of year on the Middle Blue River.

Tailwater Flies for April: 
Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail #16-20 
Flashtail Mini Egg Pink #16 
Tung. CDC Hares Ear #14-18 
Top Secret Midge #20 

Be sure to check on river flows and conditions weekly as we expect things to start changing with warmer temperatures in the forecast. Don't shy away from a river if you see the flows bump up. Fishing the first flow increases of the season can be very productive for anglers. 


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