Choosing the right Fly Line

Trout fishing has two line categories - Double Taper (DT) and Weight Forward (WF). DT lines have identical tapers at each end. This means when one end wears out, you can flip it over and use the other end. WF lines have a long-running line section that tapers into a much thicker head area. These tapers cannot be flipped over.


Each line type has its own performance advantages. DT lines are good for roll casting, and delicate presentation in small line weights. WF lines are typically easier to cast and come in more variations for special purposes. WF variations include wind-cutters, bass and pike tapers, triangle tapers, spring creek tapers and more. WF lines typically cast better both at short and long distances and present the fly more delicately.


Different lines have different price points. More expensive fly lines feature advanced coatings and specialized tapers. The specific materials and coatings used for a line greatly determine the performance of a fly line. Top quality fly lines will float higher and cast much easier than less expensive lines.


On average, we sell WF fly lines 9 to 1 over DT fly lines. Today’s fly lines utilize advanced coatings that result in your fly line lasting longer than lines produced a decade ago. Since WF lines are more versatile, we recommend anglers match the appropriate WF line to their respective rod. Any member of our staff will gladly recommend a line appropriate for your rod.

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