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About 20 miles north of Silverthorne, Colorado lies Green Mountain Reservoir.  This is one of the better fisheries in the state. The reservoir itself is home to multiple types of trout, including, brown, rainbow, lake, and a few cutthroat. Along with that, there are also pike and kokanee salmon. On this day we focused our efforts on the tailwater below the res. This stretch is a very wild area of Colorado and it's not uncommon to see deer, moose, elk, bear, and even an occasional mountain lion.

This stretch of river is known as the lower blue and eventually meets up with the Colorado River off of the trough road is home to a vast array of bug life as well as a large population of trout.  You can find everything from small midge to caddis, BWO’s, and even large golden stones or salmon flies. One of the more prevalent hatches is the elusive green drake hatch.  If you can catch this hatch at the right time, there is nothing else like it. Throwing huge mayflies to big hungry beautiful trout is one of the best types of fishing out there.


Charlie and I spent a day down here last week and had a great day throwing nymphs and streamers, but the dry fly hatch at the end of the day was huge and we took advantage. With all of the midges and Blue wings on the water, it was tough to get them to take our flies, but persistence paid off and we ended up hooking some beautiful trout. Here is a short video of our trip and that awesome dry hatch at the end of the day. We were throwing a rubber leg stimulator (size 14) with a small CDC BWO comparadun (size 20) behind it.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the video!

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