Published by: Harlan Kimball 

Fly tying season is right around the corner, so we wanted to get you hyped-up about crafting and fishing your own flies. I got on the water with our very own tying guru, Jacob Lutz, for a little R&D with some flies he tied that morning. I received a text at 6:00AM, “Finishing up some streamers right now. I may be a little late.” I couldn’t complain knowing we were going to get one-of-a-kind streamers to test out on the Colorado River. It’s always a pleasure getting on the water with Jacob. He’s a dedicated artist and fly tyer who is always creating something new and creative. All the materials Jacob used in these streamer patterns can be found hanging on the walls of our shop. If you're interested in creating anything like the flies you see in our videos or blogs, don’t hesitate to swing by the shop and find out what you need to tie them. Our tying wall is fully stocked and ready for any and all of your fly tying needs. 

A few last-minute ties to fill the box. 

Truck bed rigging.

Everyone has a favorite river snack. This is Jacob's. 

Action was slow in the morning. We needed things to warm up a degree or two for the fish to become more active. 

Jacob's Peach Leech could be fished as a large leech pattern, a sculpin, or any small baitfish. Watch the video at the end to see how Jacob ties this pattern. 

Reaching for the far side...

And swinging the white and black tandem rig through the riffle drop.

White streamers were preferred in this run. Although, our goal was to get them to eat the almighty Peach Leech. Stay tuned...

Streamer fishing requires some stealth during low flows. 

Fishing turned on as the day warmed up... Jacob hooked up to the first Peach Leech victim.

The rewards of tying and fishing your own streamers. 

Hooked up again...

Fishing the Peach Leech close to the bottom was proving to be effective. The jig hook and hidden weight kept the fly close to the bottom without getting snagged. 

Our goal was accomplished. Thanks for reading along!  

Peach Leech Materials List

Hook Gamakatsu B10s size 4

Bead - Spawn 1/4 “ Tungsten Bead Peach

Shank - Spawn 60 Degree Jig Shank 30mm

- 3/0 lead wire

- Hareline Dubbin 3D Beads Black

- Senyo’s Trailer Hook Wire Black

- Hareline Dubbin Micro Cut Rabbit Strip Peach

- Bruiser Blend Dubbing Black/Copper

- Black Flashabou

- Black Deer Belly Hair

- Black 100Denier GSP Thread


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