Fishpond Product Review - By Nick Freeman

Christmas is around the corner and Cutthroat Anglers has the latest and greatest designs for you or the avid fisherman in your life. You should be able to immediately tell how far this new equipment has come from the old bulky vests from a time gone by. Today, the name of the game is functionality and adaptability to every fishing scenario. Here are some of the items that you might find very interesting this holiday season:

The Colorado River Nomad Edition Net

I’m going to tell you why this is a great net to have - in addition to the beautiful custom design with a map of the Colorado River on the handle. Its big. I have personal experience of trying to net a fish and the short handle and small basket don’t quite get the job done. The feeling of losing the fish when it’s SO close is a brutal experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. If you’re fishing with an indicator, that can limit your ability to reel the fish all the way in and so a net with a long handle gives you that small advantage to getting that thing in the net. The downside for larger nets has always been keeping it handy so you can get to the net with a fish on the line. The solution shown in the video is simple and elegant - keeping it out of the way until you need it. If you already have a smaller net, than this is great to add to your toolbox when you are targeting those large fish in a boat on the river. 

Fishpond Utility Belt, Sliding Pack and Sidekick

Another great product from a local Colorado company Fishpond. Many people utilize sling packs or something similar nowadays, but the utility and flexibility of this particular platform really allow you to be flexible when it comes to the equipment you bring on the river. When coupled with the Fishpond Sidekick, you can tailor your experience in case you need to bring additional equipment for a longer fishing trip while making sure it’s out of your way when you need to focus on casting. 

It’s a longtime fault of mine to bring too much equipment for a trip to the point you spend half the time on the river digging around for a vital piece of tippet etc. This setup allows you to separate your gear, so you can keep your essentials in one for a quick trip to the stream or combine the pouches for a longer excursion. As usual, the materials and design of Fishpond products is common sense and top tier so durability will never be an issue.

The system in general really speaks to some of the faults in some of your vests and sling pack systems. There are a few issues - one of which is the difficulty of access and second is the comfort. Vests can get bulky and in the way. Sling packs require you to undo your pack and swing it around to your chest which can be an issue if you are in the river. This platform keeps all the weight distributed on your hips instead of unequally across your back. You might not feel the difference right away, but after a few hours, you’ll be glad for a system like this.

Fishpond Wading Stick Accessory

This is a great accessory to have. This helps prevent what I lovingly call “The Blue River Ballet.” I refer to the undignified attempt to wade across the river when you stub your toe on an unseen root or wallow across a mossy boulder field in the river. I’ve been dunked and lost multiple phones in my desperate attempt to get to an ideal casting lane for rising fish and am a firm believer in a wading staff. My problem for years has been keeping it in a place where it’s out of the way and yet accessible when I need it. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people having to cut trips short by falling into a wintry river – don’t let this happen to you and get yourself a wading staff. This is the easiest and simplest setup out there and works perfectly with the utility belt equipment sheath. 

Fishpond Equipment

Fishpond is a company with a wide reach and a local soul. Founded right here in the Colorado Rockies, they make their equipment with our local rivers in mind. Durable and easy to use, they have hit on a great line of products to make your next fishing trip a great one. 

Stop by Cutthroat Anglers for a firsthand look at all the latest and greatest. We have everything in stock and will gladly give you all the details you need to know. It might be time to explore new ways to enjoy the river safer and more comfortably. Stop on by and check it out!


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