Jen Reiske 
I'm an emergency room RN at Swedish Medical Center. As of right now we are not too busy, which is good, but we are all waiting for the storm to hit. The best thing people can do, is to take care of each other. Be kind, say thank you and wash your hands!!

I spend a lot of my off time on any river I can. I've been flying fishing for about 10 years but I still feel like a novice each time but getting better. Fishing to me is such a release from the stressors of my job. No matter what happens during my shift, I can let it go the minute I step into a river. I like to say "I don't try to catch fish, but to release my mind". I have shopped at Cutthroat many times and I always appreciate the good service. Sadly, still as a woman, I get ignored a lot when I walk into a fly shop. I look forward to getting back to your shop after this all settles down.
Jeffrey Duval 
Hi my name is Jeffrey Duval and my mother is a nurse currently working at the infectious disease center working the front lines to combat the Corona Virus. She urges people that the best way to help combat the Corona virus is to stay home as much as possible and avoid contact with all other people outside the household. She says if we all did this we would see less cases of the virus and could return to normal in a few short months, so please stay home. And if you are going fishing make sure you do it either by yourself or with other members of your household. While she doesn’t fly fish she often enjoys watching me flyfish and the beauty of the sport. She loves to hear how the fishing was that day and I often share photos of the fish I caught that day. I love fly fishing because I believe it is the best way that I can connect to nature and enjoy it fully.  Hopefully people learn from this and if you are going to get on the water take precautions to prevent the spread of this disease.
Natalie Stembridge
My fiance Chris and I love you guys! Always friendly and willing to share your knowledge. We are new to fly fishing and your team has taught us so much and supplied so much of our gear. We both work in the hospital. Chris is a House Manager at Vail Health and has seen a lot of sick people and is working extra shifts in the ER and ICU. I'm on the paper pushing side so I don't work the front lines. We are both so glad to see the support from the community. Keep posting those fishing pictures and can't wait until this passes to visit the store again!  

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