Fly Tying: The Black Beauty Emerger :: Cutthroat Anglers

This Pattern is a great year round midge pattern that also doubles as an emerging fly for when those bugs are starting to come off and the fish are keying in on them. The original Black beauty is a very easy tie up consisting of thread, rib, and dubbing. It is a Super clean and very effective pattern for any water. With the addition of a small sparkle wing and tail and a quick change in the color of dubbing and the Black Beauty Emerger is born. This Pattern can be effective on warm winter days when the bugs are popping, or almost all warmer months. The only time I wouldn’t make this my go-to bug would be those brutally cold winter days with no snow and bright skies.  Aside from that, this is a very effective pattern that can be tied in an array of colors and sizes.


  • Black 8/0 thread
  • Silver x-small wire
  • White sparkle emerger yarn
  • Blue dun beaver dubbing
  • TMC 2487 sizes 18-24



Start your thread behind the eye and take one run all the way down and back up the shank to start a basic body taper. On the second pass down we will begin to add our material, first 4-5 strands of emerger yarn for the tail. The tail should be no longer than the hook gap, short and sweet. Next tie in your silver wire and run your thread back up to the hook eye trying your best to keep a smooth tapered body the whole way up. Wind the rib up the shank and tie off towards the top. Next, we will be adding our wing, take 6-8 strands of emerger yarn and tie in leaving yourself a little space behind the eye. Cut the wing a little bit behind the bend of the hook but no longer than the start of the tail. The final step is to make a very small dubbing noodle, remember to be very very sparse! Make a small dubbing ball directly behind the eye to hide all of your material tie in points, whip finish, and get that thing in the water!

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