Fly Tying: The Robo Biscuit with Kevan Evans :: Cutthroat Anglers

This is a new innovative pattern created by wisdom flies founder and tyer Kevan Evans. This great use of flash, articulation, and weight, create a very realistic minnow pattern that can be utilized during any condition. It plunges deep into pools and screams through shallow water. The flash adds a trigger point for high dirty water, but doesn't turn off the bite in clearer water. Overall this is a great pattern that can be taken anywhere and tied in a variety of colors.

If you are interested in learning more about the Robo Biscuit or would like to meet and discuss tying with Kevan he is a regular at our monthly Tying session at The Baker's Brewery (in Silverthorne), which is held the second Monday of every month. Next Session will be Monday May 9th at Bakers at 6:00! See you there!

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