Friday Flies Meat Edition with Ben McCormick

There is nothing like watching big/aggressive fish swipe at large flies and the feeling you get when a large brown trout crushes your streamer.  The tug truly is the drug.  The brown trout are on the move and as they prepare to spawn, their aggression levels rise substantially.  From now through November, the streamer bite should be on.  A couple things to keep in mind when fishing streamers. 

  • Generally, the more cloud cover the better.  Fish become more comfortable and are willing to move for food sources under cloud cover vs a bluebird day 
  • Throw a mend in when the streamer hits the water.  I see the most eats during or shortly after this motion because it gives the fish time to see and react to the streamer.  This motion also mimics bait fish that are struggling and vulnerable
  • Try a stinger if the fish are not committing to the streamer or continually nipping at the tail.  A stinger is a trailing fly that is tied 12ish inches behind your lead fly
  • Use versileaders instead of splitshot.  These leaders get the fly down without the need for bulky splitshot that is visible and impacts the streamer's natural action 


I usually know if I like a streamer within one retrieve.  Motion in the water is the biggest thing for me and the Double Gonga swims as good as any streamer you can buy over the counter.  The Double Gonga is Charlie Craven's articulated version of his original Gonga streamer.  It has weighted eyes that help get the fly down in the right zones quickly.   




Again, I'm all about that action boss.  The Articulated Sparkle Minnow features the same materials as the original sparkle minnow, but with a short articulated shank up front. The added weight of the fish skull helps get this fly down in a hurry, and the articulated shank causes this streamer to move in a way that seems to tick off a lot of fish.  Most anglers are fishing the original sparkle minnow, so fish don't see this version as much.  My one con to point out is the one hook which makes it more difficult to hook set due to the length of the streamer.  Try tying a stinger on..



The Slump Buster can be fished as a single streamer, a lead streamer or a trailing stinger.  I like this one because its so heavily weighted in the front of the fly. This weight causes the fly to drop quickly after each strip and creates some really attractive motion for your lead streamer when fished as a stinger/trailing fly.  



The Autumn Splendor was created by Tim Heng in Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley 20 years ago. 

The yellow rubber legs make the fly oscillate in the water which seems to drive brown trout nuts this time of year.  Vary your retrieve and make sure you have this puppy weighted down to get to the right depths.

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