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December 1, 2020




We understand that finding gifts for the angler in your life may not be the easiest task. The main reason being a lot of fly fishermen and women already have a closet full of gear. In order to make your holiday shopping go a little smoother this year we put together a gift guide including some of our favorite gear, and maybe some things you've never thought about. 


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Simms GTS Rod/Reel Vault

Whether you're flying down to Louisiana for Redfish or driving to your local creek for a quick fix, the Simms GTS Rod/Reel Vault is an all-in-one organizer for your rod, reels, fly line and whatever else you might need for a day on the water. Rather than having 4 rods tubes rolling around the back of your car, keep everything organized and easily accessible. 

Hareline Beginner Fly Tying Material Kit With Vice And Tools 

Winter is just around the corner and with that comes cold, quiet evenings fly anglers tend to enjoy spending behind a vice. This kit is perfect for someone that is starting to get into the world of fly tying. Complete with everything you need to tie 20 of the most commonly used fly patterns around The West. 

RYW Mugs/Drinkwear 

There's no better way to enjoy your morning cup of joe or fireside cocktail than in a fishy mug like these. These enamel mugs are versitile and can be used in ovens, gas or electric stoves, bonfires, dishwashers, and fridges/freezers. *Mugs will be back in stock soon* Call the shop for any questions. 


Simms Taco Bag 

Hate putting your dirty waders and boots in your freshly cleaned car? The Simms Taco Bag is a great solution for your problem. This bag is vented to allow your things to dry, but we still recommend hanging out your waders after a day of fishing.


Rep Your Water Knit Hats & Socks 


These knit hats and socks from RYW are stylish and warm. Pick your favorite trout pattern or pick all three because why not? 


Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading Belt

Fishpond’s new Switchback Pro Wading Belt System has been turning heads at the shop recently. Improvements have been made to the overall capacity, an added magnetic drop down pocket for easy access and more. The fully customizable belt allows for multiple attachment points for gadgets such as, but not limited to, the new and improved Thunderhead Water Bottle Holder, Quickshot Rod Holder, Pio Pods, and the Thunderhead Submersible Pouch.


Simms Riverbank Chukka Boot 

Everyone enjoys warm feet on and off the river. The Simms Chukka Boot is an insulated, easy on, easy off boot with plenty of grip for those slippery surfaces. This is one of the comfiest muck style boots on the market and a great addition to any anglers wardrobe. 


Simms Coldweather Shirt and Simms Dockwear Vest

Vests and flannels are usually a staple in every fishermans closet. The Simms Coldweather shirt is easily one of the warmest and comfortable flannels out there. Pair this with the new Simms Dockwear Vest and your ready for the river or a date night with that special someone. 


SUMO Rodmounts (Magnetic or Suction)

Sumo Rodmounts are a handy tool for fisherman that don't like to break their rods down after every outing. You'll be the first one to the river and the quickest one home. They are secure enough to drive on highways and disassembles quickly and easily. Our guides use these daily, so you can be sure they've been tested by some of the best. 


 Headwaters Foldover Mitt and Headwaters Half Finger Glove 


Hands and fingers are usually the first thing to get cold while on the river. Stay warm and stay longer with the simms headwaters mitts. No one likes to cut a good day of fishing short because of cold hands. 

Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack and Backpack


Whether you're fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, biking or out in the elements in some way, the Thunderhead Submersible lineup from Fishpond is a must have. Their waterproof backpack and hip pack will keep your personal belongings dry while also giving you the support and comfort for a day in the outdoors. 


Guides Choice Fly Assortment (River Specific) 

If you're planning on gifting flies to someone this holiday, look no further, we made it easy and put together assortments of flies for specific rivers around the state. All you have to do is choose the river that you want flies for and our team of professionals will put together what has been working for them. 


Cutthroat Anglers Gift Card (Online or in-store) 

We have pre-selected amounts on our online store. If you need a gift card in a custom amount, or have questions, feel free to call the shop (970-262-2878) we are happy to assist you!


Jacob Lutz's Custom Artwork Hats 


Jacob Lutz's custom artwork hats are one of a kind. We promise people will be asking, "Where'd you get that?" Click the link above to shop Jacob's custom line of hats.

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