Jack's "Lucent Waltz" Fly Tying Highlight

The Hot Head Sexy Walt’s is easily one of my favorite guide flies for spring. It is hard to argue with the simple bugginess of the Sexy Walts.  This version using Hareline Lucent Beads is an extremely effective variant for targeting spring rainbows and standing out in stained water. Another beautiful thing about the Walt’s is its subjectiveness. What bug is it representing anyway? Guess it’s up to the fish to decide…However, I think it replicates most caddis, sow bugs, scuds, and certain mayflies extremely well. Over the years of fishing this pattern, I had noticed its downfalls. Those being the tendency for the dubbing to become unruly and the weakness of the small Opel tinsel. To remedy the dubbing issues, I started to spin the dubbing up in a sparse tight dubbing loop before wrapping it up a thread profiled shank. This allows you to maintain a perfect profile while retaining the right amount of bugginess. The issue with the weak tinsel was resolved with a second rib of fine Mono over the tinsel. Doing so has allowed us to catch many more fish before the fly degrades. 
Thread: Veevus 10/0 Light Olive
Hook: Umpqua XC400BL Super Jig 60 sz16
Bead: Hareline Lucent Beads 3/32"
Body: 1/3 part Rainbow Scud Dub mixed 2/3 parts Hares Mask 
Ribbing 1: Small Opel Tinsel
Ribbing 2: Veevus Mono Thread

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