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The key to destination angling is to set expectations that you will be outside your comfort zone.  The weather, geography, flies, line/leader, fish behavior are going to be different than what you are used to.  The best approach you can take is that you know nothing John Snow and a little research can go a long way... 




Pro Tips 

1.  Bring comfortable footwear.  Sandals will not work!  You need to have flats boots and comfy socks if you plan on hiking!  Break them in before you get to your destination..




2.  Waterproof gear is a must.  You will run in to a random scneario when everthing is wet.  Save yourself the trouble and get a waterproof fishing pack. 




3.  Bring multiple rods.  You will break one.  If you aren't breaking a rod here and there, you aren't trying hard enough.




4.  Your line, leader, tippet system should cover all depths.  You need to cover the surface to the bottom.  Bring a combination of floating and sinking fly lines and make sure you have flies that have weighted eyes/heads and some that are not weighted.  




5.  Have low expectation.   Destination angling is never easy and the best part is dissecting a destination and learning something new each year.




6.  Scout the area you are traveling to on Google Maps via the satellite view.  If you are fishing on foot, you need a flat.  Wading in chest deep water in Florida is not recommended nor safe.  Also, the tides are key and fishing will generally be best when the tide is rising or dropping.  

If you are fishing from a boat, its helpful to identify flats, structure, and quick dropoffs. 


Ben's What's in My Bag Florida Edition 

I had a couple whiskey drinks and filmed what I packed for a recent trip down to North Captiva Florida.  Sorry about the lack of volume and put some headphones on for the best audio quality.  Hope this helps and saves you a blister or two! 



Thanks for reading, 

Ben McCormick

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