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Published by: Harlan Kimball


The LK Legacy is a continuation of Lefty Kreh’s most popular rod he helped design and one of TFO’s best-selling rods, the BVK. The best description of the LK Legacy is the BVK on steroids. A western casters rod through and through, the fast action provides enough backbone at higher line weights to punch through strong winds with hoppers, streamers and nymph rigs. At lower line weights it has the improved lightness and sensitivity to protect your 6x tippet and size 24 flies. It's a versatile rod that can be used in all sorts of scenarios, from redfish to trout, this is the rod you want wherever life takes you. 

I snuck this rod out for a spin on The Eagle River and it accomplished everything I wanted. The 906-4 made casting streamers and nymph rigs a walk in the park. Putting the wood to feisty Eagle River Rainbows was a breeze. I found this rod to be very reactive to what I wanted it to do. I never had to force a cast, mend or hookset. Anyone who appreciates casting will have a great respect and relationship with the LK, just like Lefty would've wanted.  

In terms of fly lines, I paired the LK Legacy with the Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX due to its half-size heavier line weight. As a faster action rod, the LK Legacy loaded easily and was very effective at distances of up to 40 feet. 

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The Blue Ribbon is a step down from the LK Legacy in price but trust me when I say it does not waiver in functionality or quality. Unlike a lot of the specialized rods you see on the market, The Blue Ribbon is one of those rods you always want handy. A medium/fast action allows for delicate and accurate presentations with anything from BWO dries to larger indicator rigs.

I was able to get my hands on the 940-4 Blue Ribbon for a day of throwing light nymph rigs on The Blue River. From my experience, this rod works best with lighter presentations and close quarters casting. Within 30 feet, this rod will put the flies right where you want them. When it comes to hooking and catching fish the Blue Ribbon did a great job at protecting my 6x tippet when the fish decide to make a run. 

I paired this rod with a Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Line because of the true to size weight matched well with the medium/fast action of the Blue Ribbon. It seemed the half-size heavy line might have been slightly too heavy for this rod’s capabilities. 

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