Now Offering Ice Fishing Rentals!

Published by: Jack Specht 


Introducing Cutthroat Anglers’ new Ice Fishing Rental Program!

If you are looking for a great way to try out the sport of ice fishing, without breaking the bank, you should give it a go with our ice fishing rental equipment. Ice fishing is a great way to get a break from the mountain and have a fun day with your friends and family. One of my favorite things about ice fishing is the comradery we don’t get through most of our activities up here. Whether on the mountain or on the river, we spend so much time far apart from each other. Ice fishing allows you to have a relaxing day all while having a more intimate time with your friends and family. Not to mention, it's nice to relax after a few days working on the mountain…

What we offer:

The Rental Gear:

We have a full selection of all the gear you need to get out and find success on the ice. From top of the line rods to a wealth of information from our Ice guides, we will not only get you the gear you need but the insider knowledge to have a safe, fun and successful day on the hard water. We offer two levels of ice rods. We currently offer Dynamic rods (Medium action 28”) for general trout fishing and Frostbite Deadbolt  rods (Medium/Heavy 39” fiberglass) for Lake trout and Pike fishing. Both levels of rods are fitted with Shimano reels and either Fluorocarbon (on the Dynamic rods) or braided line (on the Frostbite Rods). With each rod rental, we include life saving ice picks to ensure your safety on the ice (although you surely won't need them, we would never send you somewhere we would consider unsafe). In terms of augers, we offer 8’’ StrikeMaster Augers with razor sharp blades we check between each rental. We include an ice skimmer complimentary with each auger rental. If you do not have snow boots and snow pants with you, we can also rent you waders and boots to keep you warm and dry for your icy adventure. 

Jigs, Lures and Extras: 

We have a comprehensive selection of baits you will need to target anything from arctic char & rainbow trout to giant lake trout. And not to mention, we will give you a 10% discount on any baits you buy to go along with your rentals. We have nearly 100 different Ice lure/jig options for you to choose from along with expert advice to help you choose the right ones for your intended species and location. Some of our favorites include: Dynamic Tungsten Ice Jigs, Dynamic HD Ice Jigs, Atomic Teasers and our custom made Jake’s Lure Joint Tubes

We also have a vast selection of great gear to keep you warm while out on the ice. We have countless warm hats including the all time ice fishing classic The Simms Coldweather cap in Red Buffalo Plaid (just like your grandpa used to wear)! We offer about a dozen different glove offerings from Glacier Glove, Simms and Patagonia. With coats and outer layers from Skwala, Simms, & Patagonia, we are sure to have the gear to keep you warm while out on the ice. 

Safety and Expert Advice: 

Our winter shop staff and ice guides are out there just about every day during peak ice fishing season, so you can be confident you are receiving the best knowledge possible to keep you safe and give you the best odds of finding fish. We would never send you to a location we haven’t recently fished, checked ice conditions at, or would consider risky. We have countless options within 20 minutes that are already “safe” and fishing well! There will be even more options ready within the next month, especially if you are looking to hunt for trophy lake trout! However, it is always smart to play on the safe side and avoid wet ice and open water while you’re out there. 

We are so lucky to have so much great hard water fishing within an hour of our location... Whether you want to put the whole family on some rainbow trout or hunt for trophy lake trout, we have the guidance to help make that happen. We are always happy to get you dialed in with technique before you hit the ice. Location, depth, bait selection, presentation and jigging methods are extremely important. We will always take time to give you the best guidance possible before you make your way out the door. 

More information about our Ice Fishing rental program and pricing can be found here.


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