Published by: Harlan Kimball 
With cooler temperatures arriving on cue, we felt the need to have one last go-round in the alpine. There's only a small window to fish these gems and winter sets in quick up here. Fishing might not be as productive compared to summer months, but we weren't going for numbers or size. Goals for the day included: try not to see another soul, catch fish on dry flies, and work off the beers from the night before. Keep scrolling to see how our day turned out...
It's hard to drive by a creek without saying the words, "should we fish it?" 
Not yet mentally prepared for cold weather. 
Loading up the Fishpoind Thunderhead Backpack. 
The Howler Brothers Voltage Jacket is our go-to jacket for fall fishing.
Bushwackin through the fall colors.   
Going up.
Leeches for breakfast. 
Cast. Wait. Twitch. Twitch...
Little Mack on the balanced leech.  
The sun came up, temperatures rose and dry flies were on my mind. 
Same for this brookie. 
With clouds comes RISERS! 
And lots of em'. 
Brookies on the trusty Parachute Adams.
Hopper time? 
Hopper time! 
This view will look a little different in a month or two... Thanks for reading. So long! 

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