By: Head Guide Reed Ryan 

July has arrived and summer is in full swing! While we have be dogged by some low flows and drought conditions, we're excited for the month ahead! It appears that monsoon season has arrived early for us and the rain has been a welcome change to June's heat. Monsoonal flow gives the gift of glorious clouds and rain which keep the fish looking up in the afternoon as well as bonus cool water entering the river systems and keeping the fish happy. 

The Colorado River has been fishing well for us as of late with fish on the feed hard in the mornings. Water temps are up in the afternoons so its important to make sure you stop fishing when the temps get to 65F. Small stoneflies have been the ticket subsurface and the fish are in predictable buckets riverwide. Dry fly fishing has been great as well. Low flows means you can cover a lot of water searching with a dry, even when you're not seeing fish actively rising. Yellow Sallies and small parachutes have been best. The next few weeks should arrive with some early red quills as well as so we are looking forward to some spinner falls coming up. We have seen some moderate releases out of Green Mountain Reservoir which have bolstered flows below Kremmling. 

The Blue River in Silverthorne has been seeing some hatches of caddis and PMDs. These hatches are dependent on Dillon Reservoir filling and then spilling over the top and increasing the water temperatures from the low 40s into the 50s. Who knows, maybe this is the year that we see green drakes again on the Blue! All I know is that this is the time to fish the Blue! 

The Arkansas River is coming into summer form as well with green drakes on the upper meadow section and golden stones and sallies in the downstream float water. The Roaring Fork is also getting in on the drake action! It's fun to watch how stupid and silly trout get when these bugs are on the water. The running theory amongst the guides is that they must taste better. 


This year more than any other is summer to get out and explore a creek or lake that you haven't been to. In many cases, you'll discover your new secret spot. We all have a few areas that are only whispered about and shared selectively with special friends. As low elevation rivers warm up, fish often flock to tributaries to spend the summer and it's always surprising to find a 16" fish in skinny creek water! Alpine Lakes have been fishing well as of late and it has been a blast to show some of our clients the joy, frustration, and elation of targeting high alpine cutthroat. It's a great way to enjoy the mountains and a different aspect to the sport. Weather can have a huge impact on the fishing at altitude so fishing early in the morning and when the weather window is clear can be crucial to finding cutties cruising the banks and looking up. 


Fly Selection for June (Click link to shop online) 

Reed's Stone Ground Chubby 

Gold Bead Caddis Pupa #14-16 

Nitro Caddis Pupa #14-16 

Elk Hair Caddis Yellow or Brown #14-16 

Psycho Prince Nymph Red, Green or Purple #12-16 

Tungsten Yellow Sallie #12-16 

TDJ Golden Stone #10-16 

Hippie Stomper Red, Yellow, or Purple #12-18 

Jigged Two Bit Hooker Red #14-16 

Tungsten Double Down CDC Pheasant Tail #14-16 

Yellow Stimulator #12-14

Two Bit Stone Golden #12-16 


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