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Written by: Matt Weiler 



Photo: Harlan Kimball 


Let me preface this review with the fact that I own a few Scott fly rods, 18 of them to be exact (don't judge). So, as I opened the newest rod from Scott, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is apparent as soon as it comes out of the box. No shortcuts were taken when designing this rod. From the looks, to the feel of this rod, Scott hit the nail on the head with this one.    

As I pulled the new centric out of the tube, I said to myself, “I can’t wait to fish this!” The test began on the lawn outside the shop. I like to lawn cast rods to make sure I pair the right fly line to the action. I brought four reels all with different lines; SA MPX Amplitude, Rio Gold Elite, Rio Perception, and Rio Grand.  I normally start with the Rio Gold as it is one of the best “all around” fly lines. Long casts with this setup were effortless. Although, it wasn’t enough line to load the Centric.

I made the switch to the Rio Grand. The Rio Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard. From short casts, to long casts, to mid range casts; this line paired great with the fast action of the Centric.  

Moving on down the lineup, I switched lines two more times to the SA MPX and the Rio Perception. Both these lines are about a half size heavier than the industry standard. These lines made the Centric start to shoot lasers! I could make short casts with ease and the mid-range cast seamed be effortless. Long shots were even better! I said to myself I think I found the line I like on the Centric. Now I feel I found the line I like in the centric, now to fish it!

I fished the Centric on three rivers. Floating the Colorado River down by Glenwood and wading the Blue River in Silverthorne, and the Eagle. On the Colorado I fished a heavier nymph rig. On the Blue a light nymph rig, and on the Eagle, some dries and nymph rigs. The Centric handled each river with ease. The power in the rod has different levels depending on the line you pair with it. From throwing dries to a big nymph rig, it’s a do it all rod. So, after putting the centric through its paces, I’m comfortable saying this is officially my new favorite fly rod!

Thanks for reading,

Matt Wheeler

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