Published by: Harlan Kimball  


A few weeks ago, I got a call from our Head Guide Reed Ryan about getting two boats together for a day off on the Arkansas River. Two is almost always better than one, especially float fishing with friends. You can bounce info off each other to find out what flies are hot, where the fish are hangin' out, and most importantly, participate in some cross river heckling. "The Ark" offers great views, sporty whitewater, and most importantly, fish that love eating dry flies. Although, if you're looking for your next hero shot or personal best, this probably isn't the place to look. It's chalk full of willing trout, but your average size fish doesn't normally exceed 15 inches (you never know though). 

A quick pit stop in downtown Buena Vista for caffeine and calories. The plan was to do a 17 mile stretch of river... Sustenance was needed. 

Had to put the new Sage Sonic to the test on a worthy stretch of river where a good cast can be the difference between a good day and a great day... You don't hear of many bad days on the Ark. 

The ol' stare at your fly box till something feels right.

Elk hair caddis, Parachute Adams and small hoppers were the hot flies for the day.

Guide Luke Edwards taking on the infamous Sydelles Suck Hole with ease.

Line change... Luke with a jumper! 

A classic Arkansas River brown trout from Guide Grant Chacosky.

If you know shop dog Edna, then you can probably guess what she's so fucused on.

Cloud cover and a single dry fly. A duo any fly fisherman loves. John Gibbons hooked up after skating around an Elk Hair Caddis. 

Fish were reacting to movement on the surface. Almost any small to medium dry fly skated on the surface would trigger a strike. 

Sporty water makes you keep your head up.

Thats all from us, so long!  

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