SHRIMP OFF Part 2: Jack's Mysis Shrimp Pattern

Published by: Jack Specht 

I combined some of my favorite materials to replicate Mysis found on our local tailwaters. With a familiar shape (a homage to the BTS Mysis pattern) and just the right amount of flash, this has become one of my favorites on the Blue, the Pan and the Taylor.
AHREX  FW520 Emerger hook:
I chose this hook for its natural bend and unique shape. These hooks are also made from impressively strong steel, so they can handle those big tailwater fish.  
VEEVUS mini flat braid Pearl: 
I chose flat braid for its iridescent pearl color and how it looks when covered with UV resin. The flat profile is super easy to build a tapered  profile with as well.  
VEEVUS Iridescent thread Pearl (brushed out):
When tied in and brushed out, this thread makes awesome shrimp tails and mandibles. Not only do they look great but they have enough rigidity to hold their place and not foul. 
Round Rubber - Small: 
A simple and classic shrimp eye. I like to leave it a little longer and trim it back while finishing the fly. 

Solarez UV Resin Thick Hard: 
Solarez UV resin dries extremely hard and tack free which helps this fly stand up to loads of fish.  A quick rub with your finger half way through curing gives it a light fog, which i love on shrimp patterns.

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