SHRIMP OFF Part 1: Tying Our Favorite Mysis Shrimp Patterns

Published by: Jacob Lutz

Snow falls, as another Sunday Tying Session winds down at Cutthroat Anglers. Jack and Jacob find themselves conversing about the currently above average snow pack throughout most of Colorado. Both upstanding young men are wondering what spring run off will be like on the Blue River in Silverthorne this spring, if old man winter keeps it up that is... A sudden realization....both anglers have neglected to tie any Mysis Shrimp Patterns after the lack of runoff conditions in town last year! A mad dash to the tying wall ensues, as Jack and Jacob ransack our materials, prepping for an impromptu SHRIMP OFF!  Here is a look at the approach each tyer took, while freestyling a Mysis Shrimp pattern straight from the Cutthroat Anglers tying corner.

Jacob's Shrimp:
I tied my Mysis shrimp with the goal of creating a realistic imitation of the natural, in order to fool the larger, picky trout in the Blue.  Along with a realistic look, I wanted to use soft flowing materials to emulate life-like motion.  Lastly, I wanted to incorporate a few subtle colors for an attention catcher that won't spook fish when they come in for a closer look.


Hook, TMC 2488H size 18: 

I chose the 24488H for two reasons... One, Its curved shrimp-like profile for realism, and two, for its extra strong construction using Heavy wire (the "H" stands for heavy).  Keep in mind that Mysis Shrimp fed waters often contain trophy sized trout, so that extra beef in the hook can be very nice to have.

Shop TMC 2488H Here


Extra Small Mono Eyes Black:  

Mysis Shrimp have distinct black eyes that pop out against their muted clear/white bodies, These Mono eyes create perfect black eyes, with a nice round shape, and realistic shine.

Shop Mono Eyes Here 

Ostrich Herl White: 

Used to build the abdomen of the shrimp, the tiny fibers of this feather flow like micro marabou in the water.

Shop Ostrich Herl Here 

Spirit River Scud/Shrimp Dub Mysis White:  

Used to build the Thorax.  This dub contains a nice mix of buggy looking fibers in white hues, with just the right amount of shrimpy colored hot spots blended in.

 Shop Scud/Shrimp Dub Here

Hareline Dubbin Unique Hair Shrimp:  

Used for creating the illusion of a longer tail and antenna.  This material is semi limp, and creates motion when subjected to current.  The colors are also nice and transparent when used in sparse clumps.

 Shop Unique Hair Shrimp Here

Hareline Dubbin Stretch D-Rib Small Gray:  

Used to create segmentation of the abdomen. The translucent gray/violet color gives off a grotesque dead shrimpy vibe.

 Shop D-Rib Small Gray Here

Wapsi Scud Back Brown Stone: 

Used to create the shellback on the thorax.  The translucent color blends well with the D-Rib, and Unique hair.

Shop Scud Back Here 

Solarez UV Resin Flex: 

Used to create a realistic looking and durable exoskeleton coating. This UV cure resin dries clear, tack free, and remains flexible.

 Shop UV Resin Here

Thread, Veevus 10/0 White: 

This thread is thin enough for tiny patterns, but also quite strong.  It is a "flat style' thread that lays down smooth, and can be split apart to make dubbing ropes, etc.

Shop Thread Here


Stay tuned for Jack's shrimp pattern and materials list...

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