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Jim B. has a reputation of being clumsy when it comes to wading. We don’t know if it’s because of his big feet or that he simply lacks coordination, but it was never so true as when he fished the Henry’s Fork last year. This year, he was determined to leave the slippin’ and slidin’ behind, so he decided to give Simms’ Intruder Wet Wading Boot with the felt/rubber sole a try.


Here’s what he had to say:

“I have to admit that when these boots first came out, I kind of wondered what Simms was thinking. I personally love to wet wade as much as possible during the summer months, but I have yet to find a pair of Chacos or other wading sandals that have a rubber sole that is “sticky” enough to keep me from skating across a streambed full of rocks. That, and the fact that you often end up with stones and other crap wedged beneath your feet, can make for a very uncomfortable day.


The Intruder takes care of all of that and then some. First, it comes with that funky neoprene built-in sock that keeps outside stuff, well, outside – no more sticks and stones pricking the bottom of your feet. They are lightweight and easy to get on and off (even if you have size 14s like me) since they have both front and rear grab straps and a nice big opening. Like all Simms boots, they also have stout, long laces (I think Simms’ laces are the best in the business.). But their best attribute is the combination of felt and rubber soles. The felt does its job wonderfully and the rubber provides a nice edge of traction as you hike to and from your spot. Although I don’t know if you really need to do this, the boot’s sole accommodates installation of studs in the felt and the rubber.”


Simms Intruder boots retail for $179.95 and come in sizes 7 to 14, with either an all-rubber sole or the felt/rubber combination.


And, finally, keep your eyes peeled for an Intruder-style wading sandal that will also have the felt/rubber combination sole for next year.

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