Simms Prodry Rain Jacket

The ProDry jacket is often thought to be a bass angler’s jacket. The number of logos on the jacket is enough to turn off many fly fishers, as are the orange zippers and the plastic  “watch window” in the sleeve. The “Orange Fury” color isn’t exactly what most folks think of when they think of fly fishing colors. (I own the jacket in “Steel Gray”). Who could blame you for being “out” on this jacket because of looks? But from a functionality perspective, you would be missing out on a very good everyday rain jacket and one that works very well for most fly fishing situations. All that being said, I do wish Simms would lay off all the advertising on the Prodry.

The jacket is surprisingly light, quite long at its bottom and very roomy.  With our mountain weather often starting in the 30’s in the morning and reaching the high 60’s in the afternoon, the jacket is warm in the cold (with under layers) and cool enough to wear in the “heat” of the day.  As expected with Gore-Tex, there have been zero leaks or breathability issues. Nor have I experienced water rolling off the hood and into the top area of the jacket as mentioned in one of the reviews on the Simms website.

I find the extra length to be a real plus. The extra protection below my waist keeps my rear end dry when I’m wearing only pants or shorts. When the weather has that nip too it, the extra length is also a “rear end” plus. The Prodry, given its extra length, is not a great choice if you plan on doing a lot of deep wade fishing. Personally, I haven’t enjoyed the fact that rain jackets designed for the fly angler have been getting shorter over the past few years. I mean, how often do experienced anglers stand in water up to their waist? Isn’t that where most of the fish live?

I’d recommend ordering down a size if you want a jacket that shows off your efforts in the gym—or one that isn’t just a bit too big. For me, the extra room is a plus. I can wear the Prodry over my PFD in a boat and still have my full range of motion.  There is also room for the extra layers I seem to need –even when it’s not that cold—now that I’m fifty-something. The extra size allows me to slip on a few layers without restricting arm movement in any way.

So there you have it. I’m sure there are more pros and cons to talk about but I’m thinking you’ve probably already made up your mind by now.

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