Simms Riverbank Chukka Product Review: Outdoor Slippers

I'm a big shoe guy.  I always have been since I was a kid and my favorite shoe is the Nike Air Max 90s.  I also had surgery on L5-S1 and struggle with back pain when standing for extending periods of time.  So you could say I am a great source of information when assessing shoe support/comfort.  Here is my take on the Chukkas after wearing them non-stop for 4 months.  
Comfort:  I have not taken the Chukka off since I got them because they are so comfortable.  They should be nicknamed outdoors slippers.  I stand a lot at the shop and these have directly decreased my back pain.  I would place them right next to a Nike Air Max shoe in terms of sole comfort.  
Looks: I thought this boot style looked goofy at first but the more I wear them, the more I like the look.  I am a big fan of the colors becuase they match everything and the green looks fine even when you get them dirty.  The vulcanized rubber is easy to wash and they look good as new after a quick clean. 
Technology:  These boots are fully waterproof and feature a vulcanized rubber + neoprene boot that is fleece lined.  The insulation is great and keeps your feet warm.  The outsole is multidirectional and grips extremely well on slippery surfaces.  
Great boot for a hard boat or raft vs having to wear waders and/or wading boots.  Any time there is a chance of precipitation or colder weather these puppies keep you warm and dry.  Perfect for time in the mountains here in Colorado. 
Thanks for listening,
Ben McCormick

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