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It's that time we’ve all been waiting for, warm weather and long days. Don’t get me wrong; I live in the high country because I don’t mind snow, storms, and cold (I am a Vermonter after all). But there is something about the summer up here in the beautiful mountains of Colorado that really speaks to me.  It might be the reminder that I can travel deep into the backcountry and survive off the land. I can catch my dinner, purify my own water, and sleep under the stars. It's not often you get that primal feeling of being truly alone with the normal ins and outs of your daily routine. 

There is one thing that took me a little time to get used to, however, and that’s the sun up here. It is close, and it’s HOT! In my kit, it’s not uncommon to see SPF 50-70 in a couple of different brands and styles. However, with everything you hear nowadays, it is a little intimidating to lather up with some kind of a compound that you have no idea what’s in it or how it’s made. Then I discovered the sun shirt (and pants, hat, etc…) and what a change it made. Now I can stay covered, cool, calm and collected no matter what the weather. Here are a few different styles, from a few different companies, that we here in the shop stand by and wear on a full day out on the water.


Patagonia Graphic Tech Tee.jpg

The Tech Tee is the quintessential summer sun shirt. It looks basic and clean, is very comfortable and doesn’t break the bank. But under that clean exterior is a soft, quick-drying 50+ UPF polyester/spandex blend. This shirt keeps the sun off your back and your line in the water on even the hottest days of summer. On top of that, Patagonia throws in original fishing inspired graphics to keep your style game on point. Coming in a $55.00, you won’t regret picking up one (or multiple) of these tech tees!


Simms Waypoint Hoody.jpg

For those of you that don’t enjoy the constricting feeling of a sun gaiter or a facemask, the sun hoody is a great option. The waypoint hoody also boasts a 50+ UPF rating but with the addition of a hood to keep your neck and ears under cover. Worn up, the hood covers everything behind your head but doesn’t leave you with that constricting feeling of wearing a sun gaiter. Another great option if you want comfort, a little style, and full sun coverage.


Howler Bros Matagorda.jpg

You wake up in the morning have a huge day planned, fishing, stop at the bar, and a show. Instead of packing a bag, why not just throw on the Howler Bros Matagorda tech. This shirt has a UPF 30 rating to keep that sun off your back and keep your style in check. With extra features like a sunglass cleaning microfiber cloth at the hem, roll-up sleeve tabs, and vented back yoke the Matagorda is sure to keep you looking good and feeling cool, one the water, or at your local watering hole!

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