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Our newest line of nets and fly boxes hails from Spokane, Washington. The Bitter Root Net Company (or BRNC) is owned and operated by Denny Carson, a woodworker and craftsman.  Denny had been woodworking for quite a few years now.

A little background from Denny:

“Around 2003 my Dad had an idea to open a Woodcraft Franchise here in Spokane. I was drawn to the idea of working with wood again and signed on to manage the storefront and teach woodworking in the classroom. Through the years I have been fortunate to take fine woodworking courses from the many very talented woodworkers that have taught courses at the store. 
It was specifically a “Bent Lamination” class taught by David Marks of the Woodworks show that gave me the idea for the landing nets.
It was a great opportunity to combine my love of Woodworking with my passion for the outdoors and Fly Fishing.”

Let me tell you first hand, that calling these nets and boxes art is an understatement. With hand carved burl handles that can include semi-precious stones like malachite or turquoise, not one net is the same.  I know what your thinking, wood nets won’t last as long as fiberglass or aluminum. Denny has a solution there as well, acrylic stabilization. This process involves submersing the nets in an acrylic stabilization fluid in a vacuum chamber. The vacuum is applied and then released and all of the acrylic is sucked up into the open pores of the wood. The nets are then heated to harden the acrylic and not only make the nets sturdier, but also prevent the wood from absorbing any moisture. The final steps include a two day soak in a tung oil based commercial water proofing oil, followed by five coats of industrial grade poly. All this means that this company stands by their product and that is backed up by a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and finish.

Bitterroot Nets come in five sizes to fit any angler’s needs. The handle lengths on each net can vary slightly because each is hand shaped.

  • Stream – 16”x10” bow with 8”handle. 24” overall
  • Lake – 16”x10” bow with 17” handle. 33” overall
  • River- 19”x13” bow with 15” handle. 34” overall
  • Boat- 19”x13” bow with 28” handle. 47” overall
  • Guide- 21”x16” bow with 27” handle. 48” overall


bitterroot net design.jpg


Another awesome feature these nets boast is an Integrated Magnetic Carry system (IMCS). The IMCS is only available on the stream net and is quite a nice feature for those looking to walk and wade. Basically, Denny has integrated the magnetic carrying system directly into the bow of the net. Extra laminations are applied to the top of the bow to house a rare earth magnet assembly. Using a wood lathe, a small hardwood barrel is turned to house the other magnet in the system. Included with the IMCS is an aluminum carabiner, and lanyard cord to prevent loss.

On top of all that, the Bitterroot flyboxes are just as beautiful and technical as the nets. Each Bitterroot box is made by hand. Denny uses traditional joinery to create a true wood box. Once the boxes are completed, they are treated with the same nine step marine finishing process as the landing nets to ensure a lifetime of maintenance free service. Another great little feature, magnets have ben inlaid in each box to help ensure your box stays closed when you want it closed. These boxes are true works of art and make a great gift idea for any angler.  If you haven’t seen these nets or boxes yet, stop by the shop and check them out. This is a great product put out by a great guy. 


Bitterroot Box.jpg


Stop By the shop and get one today!

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