Tuesday Ties: How to tie a Hot Head Jigged Hares Ear with Jacob Lutz

Tuesday Ties: The Hot Head Jigged Hares Ear 

This week Jacob teaches you how to tie a Hot Head Jigged Hares Ear. We like to refer to the Hares Ear as a "buggy" fly pattern. Meaning it can imitate a variety of food sources including scuds, sow bugs, mayfly nymphs, caddis larvae, and stoneflies. The "hot head" bead Jacob added is meant to add some extra bling to grab fish's attention. Whether you’re fishing it during runoff, through riffles or at the bottom of a deep pool, the Hot Head Jigged Hares Ear is a year around fly pattern that should always have a spot in your box. 

All the materials for this pattern are available online or in-store. 



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