What Your Fishpond Pack Says About You!

Choosing a fishing pack can be a challenge with so many options out there. In a way, the pack you choose can be a good indicator of your fishing “personality”. While this may not be true for everyone, I want to have a little fun with this and talk about the pack you rock and what it says about you! In my experience working at a fly shop and fishing with people from all sorts of fishing backgrounds, people with certain packs typically prefer fishing a certain way. Whether that makes you an alpine lake fisherman, wade fisherman, float fisherman or all the above, there is a pack for everyone out there. Read along as I’ll go over the new lineup of Fishpond packs and which one might suit you best.


The all-new Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack/Backpack is a new favorite of mine for so many reasons. If you are the person that likes to be prepared for any fishing scenario, this pack is screaming your name. Whether you enjoy full-day trips hiking up Gore Canyon, or trekking to your favorite alpine lake, this pack will be able to carry everything you need to be successful. With a vest style front, and an attached backpack, the Tech Pack gives you the comfort and storage to stay on the water longer. 




For the minimalist angler, these two packs have small creek fisherman written all over them. Only need a handful of hopper/dropper flies, a spool of tippet, and some tools? This pack can do that for you! The chest pack is great for a few hours on your local creek or use it as an additional attachment to your Firehole Backpack or Thunderhead Submersible Backpack. As an accessory to your larger pack, the chest pack is great for easy access to your tools or maybe even a fish whistle for those tough days on the river. 


Quite the opposite of the chest pack is the Roll-Top Submersible Backpack. If you were the kid in school that refused to use binders or folders and stuffed everything into a backpack, this one’s for you. Even though it might not have the organizational features like the others, this pack will fit everything you need for a day of floating, camping, or wade fishing. We also love to use this pack for our destination travel. Whether you're spending a day wading through the flats or jumping in and out of a skiff, this pack will keep your gear safe and dry.


This pack is appropriately named considering almost all our wade fishing guides rock one. Even if you don’t guide, maybe you play the role of guide with all your friends. Always have the hot fly that they want or the extra spool of tippet they forgot. If want an organized, easy to use day pack, this one’s for you. The Waterdance has the capacity to store 3-4 fly boxes, all your tools, two water bottles, and possibly an extra layer (or beer). There’s a reason this pack is beloved by professional fishing guides across the West.


This pack reeks of streamer and hopper fisherman. Need something that can carry your big fly boxes, a camera, a six pack of beer and a Nomad Mid-Length net? This will do all of that and more. I’ll admit it, I can be a lazy streamer fisherman from time to time and don’t enjoy changing out my flies too often. I don’t really mind substituting ease of access for carrying capacity and comfort. Weight distribution is another factor I think about when I choose a pack. Sling packs can strain the shoulder my sling rests on. With a backpack, you get an even distribution of weight making it the most comfortable pack for a long day of fishing.


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