Wind River Gear Entomology Kit Product Review

As anglers, we often get excited when arriving to a body of water and rush right to fishing.  However, next time you approach the water, spend some more time thinking about water conditions, temperatures, and most importantly, bugs.  We recently added an Entomology Kit to our product offering because we feel this is one of the most effective ways to elevate your angling in pressured Colorado waters.  The purpose of the kit is to sample and identify the bug species in each body of water you are fishing.  You can then identify the best fly to closely mimic the bug life in each body of water you are fishing.  
The kit includes includes the following..
Collapsable seine
3 insect bottles
A petri dish
Magnifying glass
Bug forceps  
A thermometer 
A 59 page stream guide booklet
The seine assembly is easy and quick.  We love how compact, yet organized this kit is.  It will fit in your fishing pack easily and contains every tool you need to successfully sample and observe bugs..
Jacob positioning the seine downstream from a faster moving riffle.  It is key to find fast moving water because the bugs will be most prevalant in these areas due to more highly oxygenated water.  Once positioned, begin moving and kicking up rocks with your feet.  This is a lot easier with help from another angler.
Jacob utilizing the bug forceps to pick bugs from the seine then placing them in the petri dish for observation. 
Take a quick water temperature as an additional piece of information to reference.  Bug hatches are generally temperature driven so this is important.  The Blue River temp at 10 am was 58 degrees on June 24th due to the Dillon Dam Spillover.  
And here is what we found!  Baetis, a leech and a true fly..size 18 on the baetis.. 
Thanks for listening and good luck with the bugs! 
Ben McCormick 

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