Winter Fly Fishing the Upper Colorado River :: Cutthroat Anglers

This month’s feature film is from the Upper Colorado River near Parshall. This stretch of water is a great area for winter fishing when you are trying to avoid the tailwater traffic. Parshall is located about ten minutes east of Kremmling with numerous access points along route 40. There is a large population of both Rainbow and brown trout in these waters, with brown being a bit more dominant.

Here are a few of our techniques, successes and a few mishaps.

1. If you are tired of throwing size 22 midges to wary tailwater trout. We found that most of our fish were landed on size 6-10 pat’s rubber legs. Aside from that, size 12-16 pheasant tails and hares ears also landed a fair amount of fish.

2. One day we came across a great late afternoon midge hatch where there was plenty of surface takes. With very cold fingers and a whole day under our belts we just watched instead of fishing to them.  But, I will say that in the 10 minutes we watched, there was about 50 surface takes. Good numbers!

3. This is a wild area of Colorado! Aside from being a great fishery, it is not uncommon to see elk, deer, bald or golden eagles, and an assortment of small game. The scenery is exquisite, and the fishing is even better.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoyed the film!

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