Frequently Asked Questions

 We have a strict, no b.s. policy at Cutthroat Anglers




Here are quick A’s to many of the Q’s we hear from day-to-day. If you don’t see your question answered on here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! We’d be happy to help.


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What is included in the cost of my trip?

Trips include the 2-to-1 angler to guide access, transportation to the fishing spot, and use of the gear including rods, reels, boots, waders and flies. If you are booking a full day trip, your price also includes lunch. All trips include water, soft drinks, and a lifetime of memories. 


What is not included in the cost of my trip?

We provide everything you will need for a trip in the cost listed except for your fishing license, gratuity, and general will to give it your all.  


What is a typical tip for a guide?

Most of our guides have more than ten years of experience, and we like to compensate them accordingly. That being said, because it is a hospitality-based service, gratuity is always appreciated if you feel inclined. A very common tip is 20%, but if you don’t feel that your experience warranted that, we’d love to hear about what happened. Please contact us directly


Am I guaranteed to catch fish?

No, Mother Nature is a fickle mistress. Please don’t trust any guide service that promises to out-smart her in every situation. However, if you listen to your guide, your chances of catching fish throughout the day are extremely high. No matter what the score is at the end of the day, our team of guides know how to make the entire process of fishing fun, not just the catching. 


Will my trip be cancelled if the weather is bad? 

We fish rain or shine — not because we’re a*holes, but because the fishing is often better when it rains. But, if the professional guide feels that the trip is a threat to safety, we will rebook, refund, and lament a lost day of fishing right alongside you. 


What should I wear and bring? 

We wrote all about this over on our trips page. Click here to check it out, you over prepared boy scout, you.


Are there any age or experience restrictions? 

One of the beautiful things about fishing as a sport is its accessibility to all kinds of people. However, while we may love to help your kids feed the fish in the tank at the shop, we can’t bring them on a trip if they’re under 50 pounds and/or don’t know how to swim. 


Where are we going to fish? 

We have access to more than 300 plus miles of permitted water that our guides are experts at navigating, so we definitely have options and opportunity. Discuss your preferences with your guide, but keep in mind they may have to adjust based on conditions that day. 


How many guides do I need for my group? 

We like to keep our trips intimate, personalized and a general not-waste-of-time. To do that, we like our guide-to-angler ration to stay 1-to-1 or 2-to-1. While we will accommodate a 3-to-1 group on a walk & wade, we highly recommend a lower guide to angler ratio for the best experience possible. 


Do I need a fishing license? 

Yes, we do not fish with outlaws. You can learn everything you need to know about them by clicking right here


Are trips catch-and-release only? 

It’s pretty clear in Colorado. If we didn’t encourage or require catch and release, there would be no fish, thus removing our will to live. 


May we bring alcohol on our trip?

Yes, if you are 21 or older and have a valid driver’s license, there will always be room in the cooler for a beverage of your choice. If you’re underage, stick to the Coca-Cola, please. For everyone’s sake. 


Can I bring my pet?

No, but if it’s a dog we’d love to see pictures. Tag us at @cutthroatanglers on Instagram. Hard pass on the cats, though. No offense. 


What is the return policy for your shop?

Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund. Returns are not extended to flies, lines or sale items. We are happy to accept qualifying returns in exchange for a full refund if items still have a tag on them and do not show any signs of use. Ultimately it is up to the shop staff to determine if an item is eligible for a return. Please contact us with any questions.