Kory Lewis

Kory, a Colorado native, was raised in Golden with fish slime running through his veins. He started fishing as far back as he can remember, as soon as he could walk and hold a fishin’ pole he's been trying to get his hands slimy. His grandparents own a Laundromat and dry cleaner in Golden next to Clear Creek, giving him plenty of opportunities to fish when school was out in the summer. His father taught him how to fly fish on Lions Park pond by the rec center when he was 6, but Kory’s current passion for fly fishing didn’t come until later in his life. After Kory gained his driving license, he started traveling this great state, north to south, east to west, he used both spin and fly gear to catch as many Colorado fish species as he could. Kory is definitely a well-rounded angler and has most freshwater species under his belt. It would be easier to list the fish in Colorado he hasn't caught then the ones he has. These days, Kory spends most of his time waving a fly rod but he is still an accomplished spin angler.

During the winter months you won’t find Kory on the ski slopes with the rest of our guides. If he’s not working in our shop, he will most likely be found on one of several lakes that allow ice fishing or fly fishing an ice-free river. Whether sitting in a warm hut, or working in our fly shop giving helpful advice, Kory has always enjoyed teaching friends how to fish. Why not stop by the shop, make a new friend (or two) and join Kory out on the water! 


Hometown: Golden, CO
Favorite Local Fishing Spot: which ever has my line in it
Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Radian/Ross Evolution R/Rio Elite Grand
Destinations Fished: Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa(Mississippi River), Wyoming, Utah, California, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Idaho, Montana   
When I’m Not Fishing: I am working on my boats and or other outdoor toys, or at Cutthroat Anglers helping out customers 
I love to fish Colorado because: there are a lot of different fish species, variety of locations, warm water and cold water, and the option to fish at drastically different altitudes

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