Roaring Fork

The Roaring Fork is a true freestone stream from its headwaters below Independence Pass to its confluence with the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs at Two Rivers Park. Anglers will find easy access to the river from Highway 82, which parallels the entire river, but much of the river is private, so anglers need to be aware of their location.

The stretch near the Aspen airport and the Sunset Bridge in Glenwood Springs are two popular wade access points. Floating the Roaring Fork is the best way to enjoy this rough-and-tumble freestone river, though. The swift flows of the Fork weed out the weaker species, so the local trout are usually extremely healthy. Due to the strong currents, the trout are physical specimens.

The Roaring Fork is famous for her Green Drake hatch. When the Drakes start to pop, it's time to drop everything and do whatever it takes to be in the bow of a drift boat casting double dries.

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