August Kid's Camp and Wading Academy Adventures

Are you looking for summer camp options and/or outdoor activities for your children (ages 10-14)? 

Are you looking to progress your wade fishing skills to the next level and become a self sufficient angler? 

If you answered yes to one of these questions, this blog is for you.  If you answered no, you can move on with your day!
Our goal with this communication is to explain why we believe both of these adventures are worth the time and money so here we go.. 

Kid's Camp
We are hosting a 4 day kid's camp for children ages 10-14 from August 3rd to August 6th.  The total cost is $1000 and $400 of that goes to fly fishing gear to get your child up and running.  The camp runs from 8:30 am to 5 pm daily (7:30 am last day).

Camp is run by Professional Guides Mike Wallace and Cam Carlson.
Our camp will be a 4 day adventure for your child to disconnect and gain a better appreciation for the outdoors and our natural resources.  Each kid will gain the necessary knowledge to fly fish on their own, tie flies, identify aquatic insects and assist a fishing biologist with field work.  

2020 consists of eSchooling, a disruption in sports, and a lack of summer camp options.  These disruptions are also difficult on our kids and it's very important for children to meet new people and get outside to disconnect during this tricky time.  Our Kid's Camp is the perfect option. 
Kid's Camp Agenda 
Day 1: Meet at Cutthroat Anglers at 830 am, meet your guides for the next 4 days. Get sized for waders, and pick up included fishing equipment.  After some casting practice on the lawn, we’ll head to the Arkansas River near Leadville, which will provide the perfect backdrop to cut our angling teeth and learn some basic knots. Return around 5 pm.
Day 2:  Meet at Cutthroat Anglers at 830 am, head to a local creek like Ten Mile Creek for a full day of fishing. We’ll build on yesterday’s lessons and learn about aquatic insects and how our artificial flies can best imitate them. Return to Silverthorne around 5 pm.
Day 3: Today, we’ll be assisting a Trout Unlimited fisheries biologist on a morning of field work. Your child will learn the value of conservation and put it into action on one of our local rivers. We’ll probably sneak in a little fishing too!  In the afternoon, we’ll learn some basic fly tying skills and spin up some bugs for our last day on the water.
Day 4:  For our final day, we’ll meet a little earlier (730am) so that we have the option of traveling a little further afield and explore some more remote waters in the mountains.  Return to the fly shop around 5 pm.
Wade Academy 
Our Wade Fishing Academy is a thorough 4 day course (August 21st to 24th) covering all the skills required to stalk, locate, and catch trout on foot.  Each day will include diverse opportunities, including 1 day at a private ranch in South Park.  Participants will learn to find fish and the science behind the choices they make.  There is not always a trout in every spot, but learning to identify prime trout lies will help anglers find the fishy ones.

The Wade Academy will be led by Professional Guides Matt CampanellaCam Carlson and Mike Wallace and runs $1300 a person.

The beginner "hump" is a real thing in fly fishing.  The hump is hard to get over and generally takes countless days failing to learn how to successfully locate and catch trout.  The purpose of this course is to expedite the learning process so you can have more successful days on the water. 
Topics Covered 
Rods and Reels  •  Explanation & Demonstration of Accessories and Tools   •    Walk & Wade Techniques and Safety   •  
Knots & Tackle  •    Entomology & Fly Selection Fundamentals of Reading Trout Water  •    Casting Techniques  •    
Fly Presentation  •   Rigging for Different Situations  •   Fighting, Landing, & Releasing Trout
Call the shop at 970-262-2878 or shoot us an email at if you are interested in these adventures. 

Thanks for listening, 
Ben McCormick

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