July Fishing Conditions

The first day of July brought us peaking river flows and every day since, the freestones on both sides of the divide have been dropping. This means that the fishing has been getting better every day. While our float-guide product has been focusing on the Upper and Middle Colorado River the past few weeks, we fully expect to be able to broaden our horizons with float trips offered on the Lower Colorado, Arkansas, Eagle, and Roaring Fork rivers by the middle of July, if not sooner!

In short, we are starting the glorious post-runoff period in style and couldn’t be more excited. This is the time when big fish eat during the middle of the day and are congregated along the banks, easily fooled by a well-presented fly. 
Get ready to assuage all that runoff angling angst!

Things I’m looking forward to in the next few weeks:

  1. Drakes on the Roaring Fork, Eagle, and upper Arkansas rivers.
  2. Golden Stones in Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas. 
  3. Evening caddis return on the Colorado River.
  4. Fill and spill on the Blue—can anyone say caddis in town? 

Currently, we are seeing daily hatches of olive stones, yellow sally stoneflies, pale morning duns, pale evening duns, and of course, caddis. The fish are well fed and hungry. The best fish numbers are coming to nymph anglers, but we are seeing fish move to streamers and select pods rising to adults in foam eddies and slicks anywhere soft pillows of water exist. We continue to look forward to above average water conditions throughout the summer keeping the water cool and the trout happy! We expect the tailwater stretches of the Blue and Williams Fork to remain high a little longer than the freestones, which will also keep the Upper Colorado at an elevated level a little longer than normal. 
All in all, it’s a great time to be an angler in Colorado! For more detailed information, stop by our fishing reportor better yet, stop in to the shop and have a friendly conversation with our staff. If you’re thinking of a guide trip this summer, now is the time! Key dates in the next few weeks are already full so if you’re interested, please get in touch or book online!
Happy fish hunting,
Reed Ryan
Head Guide

How to Shop for a New Rod


Choosing the right rod can be vexing for anglers and making a rod purchase can be a hard decision to make. When you’re ready to choose you’re next rod, here are a couple of questions you’ll need to answer for yourself in order to steer you in the right direction.

1. Is this a “quiver” purchase, or a “utility” purchase?

What we mean here is are you looking to buy a “do-it-all rod” that can be used for multiple types of fishing, or are you looking to fill a niche role in your already robust rod quiver? Answering this question puts you on a very particular path, one way or another.
Quiver Rods:

Utility Rods:

2. Price

To narrow your search down further you need to figure out how much you are budgeting for your purchase. Every rod company out there has a tiered approach within their line so this will get you deeper into the realm and narrow the field to a few rods that you should try out at your local shop. 

3. Feel

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple rods to cast at your local shop (we’d prefer that to be Cutthroat Anglers, but we understand if you’re out of state), it’s all about preference. Take a couple rods out to the lawn and cast them! You will have this rod for the rest of your life, so you might as well enjoy fishing it. Here at Cutthroat Anglers, we have some demo rods that you can take out for the day and actually fish before committing. The marriage between angler and rod is an important one and we’re dedicated to finding you the right partner. Think of us as a fly rod Tinder.
If you would like to browse our rod selection online, go here. As always, feel free to stop into the shop and talk gear with us. We’re as nerdy about it as you are.

John Spriggs

A Colorado native and professional backcountry skier, John is the newest guide to join the illustrious team at Cutthroat Anglers.  Falling in love with fly fishing, more than 20 years ago, John has put in his fair share of time on the local waters around Colorado. He has also been chasing fish all over North America, from Alaska to Montana and between! If you get the chance to have John as your guide, you will be getting a knowledgeable and professional fisherman, as well as a fun having, laid back guy. John chose to start his guiding career at Cutthroat Anglers because “It’s the most professional and diverse shop in the state.” One thing is certain, If you have John as your guide, good times are guaranteed, and the knowledge you gain from your time spent fishing with him will help you become a more proficient angler. So the next time you book a trip, give him a request and see for yourself! Book Online Now

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