The Arkansas River between Buena Vista and Peublo offers at least 10 boat ramps for float fishing, and numerous wade fishing access areas.  There are some serious class III-IV rapids throughout this zone, so educate yourself before you go.  Being a freestone river, the Ark supports diverse bug life, including tons of Caddis, Baetis, PMD's, Drakes, Golden Stones, and more.



Current Conditions:



River Flow (Cubic Feet Per Second):

Flows near Wellsville are 295 cfs. 


Water Temperature (Degrees F)



Water Clarity:

3' or better normally but heavy precipitaion events can muddy the water quickly in zones with numerous feeder creeks.


Current Food Sources:

Stoneflies | Eggs | Baetis | midges | small fish, leeches, worms, etc. 


Flies to Try:


Guides Choice Dozen $24.99



 Jigged Biot Epoxy Stonefly size 12 dark | TDJ Golden Stone size 14 -16 |  Shot Glass Baetis olive size 20 |  Tungsten Hare's Ear size 12 -18 | Nitro Caddis tan or chartreuse size 14-16 | Tungsten Sparkle Wing RS2 grey or black  size 18-20 |  UV Midge black or brown size 18-22 | Zebra Midges assorted colors size 18-22 |



 Elk Hair Caddis size 12-18, olive, brown, or black | Parachute Adams size 12-22 | Parachute Extended Body BWO or PMD size 16-22 | Matthew's Sparkel Dun BWO or PMD size 18-22 | purple Parachute Adams size 16-24  | CDC Morgans Midge size 18 - 22 | 



  Double or Baby Gongas  | Craven's Dirty Hippie | Wooly Buggers black and olive size 04-08 | Near Nuff Sculpin tan or olive size 04 - 06 | Crystal Buggers white size 08-10 | Pine Squirrel Leech black size 12



guide tip of the week:

Flows have come down substantially to 295 cfs near Wellsville. 16 cfs is coming out of Twin Lakes but fishing has been good.  Trout have been feeding in the main current, and behind large rocks, or other river structure that creates a break in the current. As fall progresses, expect fish to move to deeper water and when you find one, STAY! FIsh have been keyed on eggs, stoneflies, small baetis, and midges. Streamer fishing should start to heat up as well as overnight temps continue to cool off and force the bigger fish to move around and put on the feed before winter.


Recent MEDIA:



Water on the lower Ark is looking nice, and trout where feeding in protected riffles like the one behind the boulders pictured here...



Large Golden stones where getting some attention on this day...


Smaller Baetis and caddis nymphs where also doing the trick....


The rewards.....


Trout are starting to look up for bigger bugs on the Ark...



locked and loaded... Steamers, dries, and nymphs where all viable options on this day.


A look at the water conditions in, and below Salida



Recent history:

**We love seeing and hearing about your outings as well. Send any fishing photos or stories  you want to share over to, and we'll throw 'em up in the reports.**



Fishing a deep nymph rig with a few split shots, and imitaions of stonefly nymphs, Baetis, or midges produced some nice looking brown trout like this one...




Locked and loaded for a few days of campin, fishin, and relaxin on the Arkasas River near BV...


High sticking a hopper dropper rig through fast pocket water produced quite a few trout...



We found a few empty shucks of caddis pupa floating near the bank, and decided to try a few differnt caddis pupa imitations. A size 18 Natural Hare's Ear ended up being the one responsible for most of our nymph eats, and it was often taken at the end of a drift,  a.k.a "on the swing".



recent history:


Jacob Lutz spent a day on the Arkansas near Salida. There wasn't much aquatic insect activity on this day but a few nice fish where still caught on terrestrial patterns, golden stonefly nymphs. A few random takes were also had on caddis pupa, and midge emergers.


Reel Stone .JPG

Stoneflies were on the menu...

Stonefly .JPG


Even though it was a slow day, the Arkansas still produces the double.....



early may:

Family time on the Arkansas near Buena Vista.  The primary hatch of the day was size 16 Baetis, with a few caddis and golden stone adults here and there.  Trout where found mainly in large deep pools, but they where holding the top 4 feet of the water column, and near the head of the pool a lot of the time.

ark BV casting.jpeg

ark bv keller fish.jpeg



Size 16 BWO Dun freshly emerged




Size 16 BWO nymph compared to size 16 golden stonefly nymph

ark bv size 16 baetis and golden.JPG



Size 8 Cranefly Larva, these can be a yummy treat for trout during run off.  An olive or brown Pat's Rubber legs can imitate these well.

ark BV crane fly larva.JPG


Lucky hat of the day..... check out our custom lids if you could use some more luck.

ark BV brown trout submersion far_1.JPG



it's all in the details sometimes...

brownskin close.JPG

cuttbow eye close.JPG


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